June 29, 2022
Rooftop Safety:
Rooftop Safety:

At Kee Safety, we “separate people from risk” and partner Working with companies in all sectors to protect workers, contractors and visitors and the public. We understand the challenges we face when protecting the people we work for. Made an easy fall protection layer from falling from a height. There are 4 simple steps to avoid falling from high places. By following the hierarchy of the fall protection process, understanding can be gained. What control measures should be taken to eliminate or reduce There is a risk of people falling.

People need access to the roof all year round. This may be for: Planned maintenance or emergency of plants and equipment on the roof Repair leaky roof hatches or defective air conditioning units. Anything This is to ensure that adequate fall protection measures are in place and It can keep workers away from rooftop hazards. A thorough work should always be done before any work on the roof is carried out. Rooftop risk assessment to identify hazards and determine where workers are exposed at the greatest risk. Once a hazard is identified, protective actions can be taken. To place people on the roof and avoid potential liability in case of an accident.

Slips, falls and falls account for nearly 20% of all work-related accidents. unfortunately the roof Falls are one of the leading causes of serious occupational accidents and deaths. Working high up on the roof is a natural risk and no matter how careful you are, People can have accidents. But that doesn’t mean employers, establishments. Managers, building owners and contractors must not do everything they can to protect themselves. People working on the roof.

The cost of self-satisfaction can be huge. Fines in case of an accident The non-compliance rate is very high. The entire roof may be closed. The accident is investigated or the hazard is protected. This lost time will have a significant impact MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) essential to any plant or facility; Especially in manufacturing and engineering. Claims, insurance premiums and legal fees reflect the company’s reputation and will. Affects revenue. The only way to truly protect your company from the future Creating a culture of risk and responsibility and safety and trust is the use of fall arresters A solution that meets the relevant regulations. Addressing the areas covered in this white paper will help you protect. Your employees and your business.

As experts in fall protection and safe access, we understand the pressures of businesses. Ensure that everyone working on the site is not exposed to hazards. our autumn Our protection experts can guide you to the right safety solution. for your individual requirements. The primary function of a testing and training facility is to develop, test and enhance. A variety of fall protection products sold by Kee Safety. The core of the facility is 30′ drop tower primarily used for lifeline testing but also doubles for rescue training tower.

The layout of the facility allows you to build a wall or roof structure. Test products on exactly the boards you need, as they mirror real-world installations You can give your customers complete peace of mind about exactly how your product is delivered. Install will do it. Many customers require third-party verification of their test results to give them more confidence. What they buy has been properly tested and fully complies with recognized standards. standard. Kee Safety works with several internationally recognized test houses. and a number of key consultants during the development program We produce optimal products for our customers.