August 16, 2022

When it comes to evaluating the teachers of the country, India comes in the top 10 countries of the world, this has been revealed in the report based on the global survey of 35 countries. The report ‘Reading Between the Lines: What the World Really Thinks of Teachers’ released last week by the UK Situation Warke Foundation found that India’s position when it comes to people’s underlying, unconscious and automated views on the status of teachers in the country Is the sixth.

In the underlying teacher status analysis, the order of countries is determined by participants’ automatic perception of teachers, even when they are asked to quickly state whether the teacher is credible or unreliable, inspiring or not caring. Whether or not it is meritorious or not.

On this standard, there are only teachers from China, Ghana, Singapore, Canada and Malaysia ahead of Indian teachers. Sunny Warke, founder of the Warke Foundation and Global Teacher Prize, said, “This report proves that respect for teachers is not only an important moral obligation – it is indispensable for the country’s educational outcomes.”

He said, “Since the closure of the coronavirus epidemic, the closure of schools and universities has affected about 1.5 billion students. In such an unprecedented time it is now more important than ever that we do whatever is necessary to ensure that good teachers reach the students. ”

The report, based on data collected from the Global Teacher Status Index (GTSI) 2018, confirms the relationship between teachers ‘status and students’ benefits. 35 countries were surveyed under GTSI and 1000 delegates were included in each country.

This new report seeks to explain for the first time why the “underlying teacher status” differs from country to country. It was found that the status of teachers is much better in rich countries, who allocate more public money in the field of education. For example, government spending on education in India is 14 percent. In Italy, who came 24th in this survey, this percentage is 8.1. Ghana comes in second place with 22.1 percent of government spending on education.