August 16, 2022

China has said it will ban Lockheed Martin, a division of Boeing Defense, and other US companies involved in arms sales in Taiwan. Significantly, Beijing considers Taiwan its territory. These US companies, including Raytheon, were recently involved in the sale of two billion dollar missile to Taiwan. China ‘s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Li Jian has asked the US to stop selling arms to the island. 

Significantly, Taiwan’s potential in terms of technology, security and trade can lead to conflict between China and the US. Beijing claims that Taiwan is a part of China, which it can regain by using force if needed. Zhao said that the sanctions are meant to protect national interests and would apply to all those who unfairly treated Taiwan in the arms

He said that we will continue to take necessary steps for national sovereignty and security. However, he did not provide details of what restrictions could be imposed and when. He said at a regular press conference, “To ensure the protection of national interests, China has decided to ban US companies that were involved in supplying arms to Taiwan. “The US State Department said last week that it had approved the sale of 135 air-to-ground missiles to Taiwan. The move to the US was welcomed by Taiwan. Besides, the sale of six MS-110 Air reconnaissance pods and 11 M142 mobile light rocket launchers were also approved. These three arm packages cost around US $ 1.8 billion.