August 16, 2022

Seven students have died in a bomb blast on a Quran class in a religious school in Manglawar in a northwestern area of Pakistan . An official said that many more people have been injured in this blast. Waqar Azeem, a senior police officer, said that the explosion took place in a madrasa in Peshawar, 170 km from western Islamabad. At that time there are more than 60 people taking classes there.

Waqar Ajam said, ‘The blast happened during a class in the Quran. Someone came inside the madrasa carrying a bag. He told that whoever had brought the bag, had left the lecture hall before the blast. Another senior police officer Mohammad Ali Gandapur said that at least seven people were killed and more than 50 people were injured in this attack.

Mohammad Asim Khan, a spokesman for a local hospital, confirmed the death toll. He also informed that seven bodies and 70 injured people have been brought to the hospital. He said, “Most of those who have died, or are injured, have suffered injuries from ball bearings and some have been badly burned.” Aseem Khan said that the age of the deceased students is between 20 to 40. Those injured include teachers and students up to the age of 7 years.

So far no terrorist organization has taken responsibility for this blast. After several months of relatively peaceful peace in Pakistan, such an incident has come to the fore again. Peshawar was once the center of terrorist activities there. In this area bordering the northwestern border of Afghanistan, jihadist organizations often used to target security forces and public places.

In the last few years, due to the operation of military operations along the borders in Pakistan, there has been a decrease in terrorist violence, but still terrorist organizations are sometimes able to carry out such deadly attacks.