September 27, 2022

Scientists have claimed in a new study that around 15 percent of deaths worldwide from Kovid-19 are related to living in an environment with prolonged air pollution. Researchers have found that about 19 percent of deaths from Kovid-19 in Europe, 17 percent of deaths in North America and about 27 percent of deaths in East Asia are related to air pollution. 

Researchers from Germany’s Max Planck Institute of Chemistry were also involved in this study. The study, published in the journal ‘Cardiovascular’, analyzed the corona virus deaths and traced air pollution to various countries of the world.

In the year 2003, data related to SARS disease were also used in it. The study team analyzed a model in relation to the presence of superfluous particles such as PM2.5 in the air. Data about the epidemic was used until the third week of June 2020, and researchers said that a comprehensive analysis would be needed after the epidemic is over.