September 27, 2022

According to a UK study, people with symptomatic coronavirus die sooner than those who have symptoms of Kovid-19. Findings from Imperial College London and market research firm Ipsos Mori also showed that antibody loss was lower in 18-24 year olds than in people aged 75 and over. was. Overall, between mid-June and the end of September, a decline in the spread of more than a quarter of virus antibodies was observed in samples from hundreds of thousands of people across England. The research, commissioned by the British government and published on Tuesday by Imperial, shows people’s immune response to Kovid-19 over time after infection.

James Bethell, a junior health minister, called it “an important piece of research that helps us understand the nature of the Kovid-19 antibody over time”. But the scientists cautioned that much is unknown about people’s long-term antibody response to the virus. Paul Elliott of the Imperial’s School of Public Health said, “It is unclear what level of immunity antibodies are at or how long this immunity lasts.” The study included 365,000 selected adults who underwent three rounds of finger prick tests at home for coronovirus antibodies between 20 June and 28 September. The results showed that the number of people with antibodies decreased by 26.5 percent over a period of about three months.

According to the study, this meant that the proportion of the English population with antibodies dropped from 6.0 percent to 4.4 percent, to a nationwide level. After the national shutdown a month earlier, it dropped dramatically throughout England – and the rest of England – with the spread of the virus, which was reduced in the summer.