September 27, 2022

In today’s era, smartphones have become a necessity. Many of our tasks become very easy through smartphones. Whenever we buy a new smartphone, we definitely consider its features. How is the camera of the smartphone, whether the sound quality is good or not, how much better is it for the use of internet, the storage capacity is less or more … They take care of all these things, but how is the smartphone environment wise? People will hardly care about it. At the sametime, such a list has come out, in which the smartphone which produces the most radiation has been told.

The danger of radiation is found in almost all smartphones. But through the German Fedler Office of Radiation Protection, the list of the most dangerous smartphone in terms of radiation has been released. In this list, the smartphones of Xiaomi and One Plus are at the forefront. In this list, there are smartphones from which the highest radiation comes out.

There are 16 smartphones in this list, among which Xiaomi Mi A1 is at the forefront. The maximum radiation comes out of this smartphone. The specific adoption rate (SAR) of this phone is 1.75 watts per kilogram. On the other hand, the One Plus 5T with 1.68 watts per kilogram and the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 with 1.58 watts per kilogram is at number three. In this list of 16 smartphones, there are four One Plus smartphones and four One Plus smartphones. Apart from this, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are also included in this list.