August 15, 2022

A Chinese lunar rover succeeded in landing on the surface of the other side of the moon, and with this, the rover has become the world’s first vehicle to reach the lunar face of the moon from Earth. The success of this first launch on a global scale has greatly boosted China’s ambitions to become a space superpower.

China’s National Space Administration (CNSA) announced that Yan Chang’e 4 touched the surface of the other side of the moon and sent photographs. The Lander-Rover vehicle reached the predetermined landing zone at 177.6 degrees east longitude and 45.5 degrees south longitude on the other side of the moon at 10:26 am local time at local time. ‘Chang’e-4’ was launched from Long March 3B rocket on December 8 from the launch center of Shichang.

The vehicle landed in the Von Carman crater in the South Pole Aitken Basin and its lander sent a picture of the landing site taken with a monitor camera. This is the world’s first picture taken on the opposite face of the moon. This photo has been published by CNSA. The government agency Shinhua said that the Chang’e-4 mission will play an important role in finding the mysterious side of the moon. The lunar expedition ‘Chang’e-4’ is named after the moon goddess of Chinese mythology.

Actually, the front of the moon is always in front of the earth and there are many flat areas. It is easy to get down on it, but the surface area on its other side is hilly and quite bumpy. In 1959, for the first time, the Soviet Union took the first picture of the surface of the other side of the moon, but so far no lunar lander or rover had landed on the second surface of the moon.