August 16, 2022

Devices such as activity tracker and smartwatch remain the first choice of many people who keep themselves fit nowadays. People who are aware of the activity of the day such as how much you have gone throughout the day, how many calories have been reduced, people are very fond of it. But perhaps people do not know that now this device can become a threat to their privacy.

Actually a researcher of Indian origin says that the artificial intelligence used in making this device can easily steal customer’s health data and send it from one place to another. Although the companies making this device claim to take full care of the privacy, but no one gives a guarantee.

Researcher Anil Ashwini claims that AI trackers used in activity trackers and smartwatches store data that can be hacked.

According to the researcher, the user’s everyday pattern can be understood with the help of this AI. Social sites like Facebook can also collect the health data of the user with the help of this intelligence and then can also share this information with a company. This data can be sold to other companies. In this way, anyone will get important information about your health and your routine, which is very dangerous.