August 16, 2022

In the last one or two years, the demand for feature phones has increased a lot and to meet this demand, some companies are also paying special attention to feature phones. Due to this, Google has also launched its feature phone, and the name of this phone is Google WizPhone WP006. This phone runs on KaiOS. Also, a separate button for Google Assistant has also been provided in the phone. This button can also be seen in some 4G-enabled feature phones like Jio Phone and Nokia 8110 4G.

Google launched the WizPhone WP006 4G feature phone on Tuesday at an event named ‘Google for Indonesia’. This feature phone has been launched under the partnership of Kai and WizPhone. Talking about the price of the phone, the price of this phone in Indonesia was 99,000 Indonesian Rupiah (about 500 rupees).

The Google Assistant of this phone can also be used in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language spoken). Also, because WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube work on all phones that run on KaiOS, such as Jio Phone 2. So it will also work on all Google WizPhone WP006.