August 16, 2022

WhatsApp recently explained how Disappearing Message will work in its FAQ page. Now the company has officially launched this new feature.

WhatsApp’s parent company is Facebook and Facebook has announced the launch of the Disappearing Message in WhatsApp by issuing a press note.

Facebook has said that the company’s aim is to keep the conversations made in WhatsApp personal and under this purpose the company is launching Disappearing Message.

According to Facebook, when the Disappearing Message is on WhatsApp, all the messages in the chats will disappear within seven days. The company feels that WhatsApp chats can be made more personal and secure while doing so.

During WhatsApp individual chats, one on one conversation, either of you can turn Disappearing Message on or off. However, in the groups, this option will be available only to admins.

Facebook has said that 7 days are being given for missing messages in WhatsApp. The company has also said that the update of this feature will be given to everyone this month. IPhone, Android and KaiOS users will be given this feature.

How Disappearing Message of WhatsApp will work, what are the limitations and what has the company said on the FAQ page.