September 27, 2022

Instagram has announced several new features of live videos on its platform. The time limit for Instagram Lives has been increased to 4 hours and now users will be able to save their live videos for 30 days.

The number of Instagram Lives has increased rapidly in the lockdown that began due to the Corona epidemic. As soon as the lockdown started, only in India, Instagram live views saw a 60 percent increase.

Apart from this, users are also being given the option to save their live videos for 30 days before their live videos are deleted by Instagram.¬†Instagram live videos will be available inside the ‘Live Archive’ and will be visible only to you.

In this 30-day period, you can either save your Instagram live or upload it to IGTV. Also, a new ‘Live Now’ section has been added to the IGTV app, and the ‘Explore’ section has also been added to Instagram. The Live Now section will appear at the top of the Explore page along with other sections like IGTV and For You.

In case you forgot, the Explore button is now in the top-right corner of the screen, right next to the new Messenger button, which replaced Direct on Instagram.