August 16, 2022

In the US, there is a close fight between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his rival, Democrat candidate Joe Biden. Trump is considering legally challenging Biden’s victory in some states. Two days after the election, no candidate has been able to get the required votes to win. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has said to go to court once again, seeing the lagging in the countings. Trump has claimed by tweeting that he is going to win the US elections. Along with this, Trump has also asked to stop counting. Donald Trump tweeted and stop counting.

Significantly, the voting took place two days ago and the Democratic presidential candidate for the election, Joe Biden, has come close to the 270 electoral ballot required to reach the White House. He has made it difficult for President Donald Trump to win in Wisconsin and Michigan. According to the latest estimates by the US media, former US Vice President Biden has received 253 votes and Trump has received 213 votes so far. At the same time, his rival Trump of the Republican Party is considering legally challenging Biden’s victory in some states.

In a press conference on Wednesday, the former Vice President said that he hoped to win the election. He said, “I will rule as an American president.” He said, “When we win there will be no red state or blue state, only the United States.” And have filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania and have demanded re-counting of votes in Wisconsin. Trump spent more time at his residence on Wednesday. He claimed victory in several important states on Twitter.

Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stephan said the president would formally request a re-vote in Wisconsin, citing “irregularities” in several counties. He said that lawsuits have been filed in Michigan and Pennsylvania. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of votes are to be counted in Pennsylvania. In other close matches between the two, Trump won in Florida, Texas and Ohio, while Biden won in New Hampshire and Minnesota.