September 27, 2022

With the change of power in America, the expectations of people dreaming of jobs or permanent citizenship have also increased. Thousands of Indians will also benefit from the newly elected President Joe Biden’s H1B Visa and Green Card scheme. Every year, 70 per cent quota of H1B visas goes into the account of Indians.  

Biden, along with Kamla Harris of Indian origin, is expected to end the ban on work permits of H1B visa holders’ spouses during Trump administration. Biden plans to increase the quota for high-skill visas, including H-1B. Biden can also abolish the quota prescribed for each country in such visas. The curbs imposed on immigrants during the Trump administration have had a bad impact on Indian talent.

US President Donald Trump banned work permits of H1B visa holders’ spouses. It had an impact on thousands of Indian professionals. Biden can bring a comprehensive plan for immigration reform or decide on it one by one. This is reflected in the documents related to Biden’s election promises. According to the documents, high-skill temporary visas should not be used for employees already in the US to complete such jobs. We need an immigration system in which high-skill professionals get priority, but this does not harm American innovation and competition.