August 16, 2022

After a long and tense vote, Joe Biden was elected the 46th President of the United States. After the victory, he said in his first address that the people of this country have given their answer, the people have given us a clear mandate. He said that this victory is for the people of WE THE PEOPLE. America’s newly elected President Joe Biden said that he promises America that he will become the president who will work to connect, not break the country and society. Joe Biden said that he would be the president who would not see the states of America as red and blue but as a United States. 

After being elected US President, Joe Biden promised to unite the Americans on Saturday and said that after the victory over Donald Trump, his divisive policies would be rectified. Impressed with energy and enthusiasm, Joe Biden addressed a rally of supporters in Wilmington, Delaware, his home town, saying, “It’s time to fix America.”

Accepting the disappointment of Trump supporters, Biden said: “They are not our enemies. They are Americans.” He said, “Let this era of performance in America come to an end.” 

He said, “I have received this office to restore America’s soul, rebuild the backbone of this nation, the middle class, and to once again honor America around the world.”

Biden, the vice president of Barack Obama, paid special tribute to the African-American community and pointed to his role in electing him as the Democratic nominee to challenge Donald Trump. Enthusiastic, Biden addressed the crowd present with social distancing. Joe Biden happily ran on the podium when the newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris introduced him.