August 16, 2022

There is great news for those who play PUBG. Popular mobile game PUBG may make a comeback in India very soon. PUBG Mobile is in talks with Microsoft for a comeback in India. PubG Mobile will now be hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Its parent company has given this information.

Explain that the game was banned by the central government due to threats on cyber security and country sovereignty. That’s when PUBG Corp announced earlier that it would return to India.

South Korean company Krafton Inc., which is the owner of PUBG Corp and which owns PUBG Mobile, has announced a deal. He has done this deal with American Technology. It has said that the product will be operated through Direct Crafton and its subsidiary company, which will host hosts on Microsoft’s cloud service.

According to media reports, before the Diwali, the Batter Royale game may announce a return to PUBG. It is reported that the company may start its marketing campaign in India before Diwali. Not only this, PUBG Corp can also make big announcements about its future in India.

Recently, PUBG Mobile announced to completely shut down its services in India. At that time, the company had issued a statement saying that the security of users’ data is the company’s first priority. The company also said that it has always followed the data protection laws and regulations applicable in India.