September 27, 2022

Now you will be able to shop through instant messaging app WhatsApp. WhatsApp has launched a new shopping button on its app. According to the information provided by Facebook, the WhatsApp shopping button has been rolled out across the world including India on Tuesday. Through this, customers can see the products and will be able to purchase it directly only through chat.

That is, with the addition of the new shopping button, business account users will be able to give the catalog of the product directly to their customers on the chat window. After watching this, users will be given the option of shopping via chat.

With the new feature, people will be able to see the right side store front icon named Business. Here users will be able to discover the catalog and know about the service. WhatsApp said in a release that earlier users had to click on the business profile to see the ready list. This button will also help in increasing the visibility of the product. This will help in making business easier so that they can disk their product which will help in selling those products.

WhatsApp released an email saying that with this new feature, users will be able to see a store front icon right in front of the business name. This will make it easier for users to search catalogs and see whether goods or services are being offered. Earlier, users had to click on the professional profile to see it.

Button will also help the business to increase the visibility of its product. The email states that this will make it easier for traders to search for their products, which can help in increasing sales. The shopping button will replace the voice call button. Now, users have to tap on the call button to select a voice or video call. The new feature has been launched worldwide under the messaging service.

Let us know that more than 175 million people message on WhatsApp Business Account every day. About 40 million people visit the business catalog every month. It includes more than 3 million users in India. These include over 3 million Indians.