August 15, 2022

Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd. The Java company, which is owned by India, is planning to increase its reach not only in India’s neighboring countries but also in Europe. Talking to Siddharth Vinayak Patankar, Editor-in-Chief, Car and Bike,  Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd. CEO of Ashish Singh Joshi has said that Jawa motorcycles are being sold in Europe by a company that owns the Jawa brand in Europe. New, 300cc motorcycles made in India are being introduced in Europe by the Jawa Moto Spol sro, which was established in 1997 as the successor to the Java company.

Ashish Singh Joshi further revealed that the company which owns the Java brand in Europe, has taken some bikes, and they are offering them in Europe. Has started, this is a market where the company has started its exports, the company is planning to export more around India.
The Jawa Moto Spol also has its own range of 350cc and 500cc motorcycles, a 500cc adventure touring model teamed up with the Argentine brand RVM. In India, Classic Legends Private Limited produces the Jawa 300, which is produced in Europe by Jawa Moto Spol Is also being introduced. Classic Legends has already launched its 300cc Java motorcycles in Nepal, and plans are being made to speed up production to meet the growing demand in India.
Joshi said that production is such a task for which you can plan, you can add capacity to it, you can do what he wants. But it takes some time, therefore, we have prepared a plan ahead. We have called those investors who will give us financial strength, so that we do not get caught in it again. With this, Joshi said that the intention is to meet the demand of customers with more supply.