August 16, 2022

Bike Taxi Platform, Rapido, has announced the launch of its services in Mumbai, marking the first time that an app-based bike taxi service will be offered in the state of Maharashtra. The company says its purpose is to make last-mile connectivity more convenient and accessible. The company will call its rider partners by the name of Rapido Captain. Customers can book a Rapido Bike Taxi through the company’s mobile application, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones. The fare for the Rapido in the city will start from Rs 6 per km, and the company will also give a discount of up to 50 percent for the first ride.

Rapido co-founder Arvind Sanaka said, “The epidemic gave us a chance. It left about eight million daily commuters in Mumbai in search of an alternative way of travel. An accessible, affordable and safe everyday of the city while fighting coronavirus “There is a demand for traffic options. We believe Rapido will be able to meet that need with its innovative and successful model.”

Rapido has several measures and guidelines to maintain safety and hygiene for the customer and captain. This includes Rapido’s ‘Safety Back Shields’ for bike taxi rides that act as a split between the rider and the pillion. With the mandatory use of masks during the entire ride by the captain and passengers, the captain must also clear the seats each time. If the captain or customer is without a mask, there will be a free option to cancel the ride.