August 16, 2022

US President Donald Trump (Donald Trump), newly elected president who Biden (Joe Biden) and the White House that the US Secret Service guards to protect coronavirus  (Coronavirus)  has come within striking distance of infection. US media has reported this on Friday. According to the Washington Post, more than 130 secret service agents have either been infected with coronavirus or are in quarantine due to contact with infected people.

The outbreak of the Corona virus increased when most of these workers went to rallies with Donald Trump during the election campaign, where many people and most people were joining without masks. These workers have been involved in many White House programs over the past three weeks. President Trump is also attending them.

President Donald Trump organized an election party on 3 November, in which most of the people present were without masks. After this party, most secret service agents, including Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff, were found infected with the Corona virus.

According to the New York Times, at least 30 uniformed officers of the Secret Service have been found infected in recent weeks. Apart from this, 60 uniformed people have been asked to stay in Quarantine.