August 15, 2022

China has refused to congratulate Democrat candidate Joe Biden in the US presidential election for the election. He says that the results are yet to be decided after the voting. China is among the few countries that have not yet officially accepted the US election results.

Indeed, Trump’s four-year reign in the White House has been in the news for a trade war between the US and China. There has also been a conflict between the two countries over the Kovid-19 epidemic spreading from China and its human rights violations in provinces like Xinjiang and Hong Kong. Both countries also imposed travel restrictions on each other’s leaders. Also, action had to be taken to close the consulate.

Apart from China, Russia, Mexico and some other countries have not congratulated the newly elected President. China said on Monday that it has found that Biden has declared himself the winner in the election. Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, our understanding is that the outcome of the election will be decided according to American law and procedure. Wang hoped that the new US government would go half way to improve relations with China. Trump has so far refused to accept the election results. Trump had targeted the media on Sunday and said, “When did our paralyzed media decide who will be the next president of the country?”