September 27, 2022

US President-elect Joe Biden (Joe Biden) took the first step Sunday toward assuming the White House. However, Donald Trump has not yet given any indication of accepting his defeat and is constantly raising questions about the election results. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris launched a website ( and a Twitter feed (@ Transition46) to process the change, amidst greetings from leaders and supporters around the world.     

Trump has been steadfastly refusing to accept the election results, while the majority of Republic Party MPs have remained silent on the matter. Former US President George W. Bush said that “the results are clear.” Calling Biden the elected president, he congratulated Kamala Harris and best wishes to her.

George Bush said, “Trump has the right to request a re-count and to challenge it legally. The American people are confident that this election was fundamentally fair and that its integrity will be upheld and that the results are clear.” is.” 

Bush said in the statement, “We have political differences, but I know that Joe Biden is a good person who has the opportunity to lead and unite the country. We have to do it for the sake of our family and our neighbors and our nation and Should come together for his future. “

The website has four major issues with priority. Including COVID, economic reforms, racial equality and climate change. A team will work to deal with these challenges from the day Biden takes over.