August 16, 2022

A day after the election results in the US, newly elected President Joe Biden went to the church for Sunday prayers while outgoing US President Donald Trump arrived at the golf course in Wagernia. Biden went to St. Joseph’s Historic Roman Catholic Church in New Castle County in Delaware. He was accompanied by his daughter Ashley Biden.

Trump arrived at the golf course in Washington from Virginia on Sunday morning. Many people were standing around the golf course with placards in their hands. On one of these planks it was written, “Trumpy Dumpty Head a Great Fall”.

After the presidential election in America, sales of books written by Kamala Harris and written about them have increased. Four of Amazon’s top 10 books on Sunday were about the newly elected Vice President or written by him.

These books include the children’s book ‘Superheroes Are Everyware’ written by Harris, his memoir, “The Truths We Hold: An American Journey”, his children’s book “Kamala and Maya Big Idea” by Meena Harris and Nikki Grimes. ‘S book “Kamala Harris: Routed in Justice”.
Kamala Harris will be the first black female Vice President of America. The children’s book ‘Joi: The Story of Joe Biden’ written by Jill, wife of newly elected President Joe Biden, was ranked 14th on the list.