August 16, 2022

On Monday, petrol and diesel prices in metros have been increased by government oil companies for the fourth consecutive day. According to the notification of the Indian Oil Corporation, petrol rates have increased by 7 paise per liter, while diesel rates have increased by 20 paise per liter. Overall petrol prices have increased by 46 paise per liter in the last four days, while diesel has become expensive by 80 paise per liter. Earlier, petrol prices were last increased on 22 September, while diesel rates were not changed from 2 October.

Oil companies raised petrol prices by 7 paise per liter in Delhi to Rs 81.53 per liter on Monday, while diesel prices rose by 18 paise to ₹ 71.25 per liter. Petrol prices in Mumbai also increased by 7 paise, which is why the rates are now Rs 88.23 per liter, while diesel prices are up by 19 paise to Rs 77.73 per liter. In Bangalore and Hyderabad, petrol prices rose 7 paise to Rs 84.25 per liter and Rs 84.80 per liter, while diesel rates rose to Rs 75.53 per liter and Rs 77.75 per liter. The new prices of petrol and diesel in Kolkata are Rs 83.10 per liter and Rs 74.82 per liter.