September 27, 2022

American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson, which rules the hearts of the youth, announced its exit from the Indian market about two months ago. But now the company has signed a partnership and distribution agreement with Hero MotoCorp for the sale and servicing of motorcycles. You will continue to serve customers through the existing network of brand-specific Harley-Davidson dealers and Hero, along with selling parts and accessories. The company has now said through a statement that they have changed their business model for India and they are happy that the company’s journey in India will continue in collaboration with Hero MotoCorp.

Harley-Davidson says she will continue to launch new motorcycle in India

Managing director of the company, Sajeev Rajasekharan, said that “We are taking care of every detail closely with Hero MotoCorp and making sure that the Harley Davidson runners do not have any problem related to any part or service etc. “Warranty and after-sales services will resume from January 2021, for which the company is working closely with Hero MotoCorp”. That is, this statement from the MD of the company is like a message that everything is fine and what is not right is going to be fine in a few days. This statement from the company is a relief news for Harley Davidson riders.

Harley-Davidson dealers said the compensation offered was far below expectations. Please tell that currently Harley Davidson dealers will continue their operations till December 31, 2020 and new dealerships and service points will be announced later. Harley-Davidson dealers in India have spoken out against the American motorcycle brand’s decision to exit operations in India. Dealers say that Harley-Davidson has left them in the middle, and the compensation offered is far below expectations. Dealers say that Harley-Davidson never informed them of the company’s plans to exit the Indian market, and they have only come to know through media reports and news.