August 15, 2022

Efforts are underway worldwide to develop a coronavirus vaccine to control the corona virus epidemic. In the UK, the makers of a koranavirus vaccine have claimed success during large-scale testing, while the United States has given over 20 million people to corona by the end of this year to overcome a growing infection. Dose is planned. AstraZeneca and Oxford University have claimed that their dose is an average of 70 percent successful in preventing the corona virus. It was tested on 23 thousand people. Meanwhile, two other pharmaceutical companies have claimed that their vaccine is up to 90 percent effective. 

This news about Corona vaccine has come at a time when Europe and America are struggling to deal with the growing cases of Corona. The health system has collapsed due to corona cases. The government has to issue orders for people to stay in their homes and keep the business closed despite the Christmas season. Canada’s largest city became the new city to implement the lockdown on Monday. There is a ban on the gathering of people in programs here. The number of people has also been fixed in marriage and funeral programs. These measures are similar to those implemented in France and some other European countries. Ontario Premier Doug Ford said earlier this week, “We cannot put our hospitals under tremendous pressure.” 

On the other hand, Australia’s second largest city is gradually getting freed from the four-month lockdown. The ban on travel from one state to another has been removed here. Around 1.4 million people have lost their lives worldwide due to the corona virus epidemic. The first case of Corona was filed in Wuhan city of China.